Make Your Horoscope

This Unique Horoscope is designed for easy learning during Online Vedic Astrology Foundation Course (OVAFC) along with a simple Birth-Time Correction Tool. You will learn Vedic Astrology by relating events in your Own Horoscope.

Learning Vedic Astrology helps you discover your Key Strengths, Inborn Knowledge, Healing Powers, Magical Qualities, Leadership Ability, Innate Intelligence, Special Skills, Beauty and Power Communication.

You can use this Horoscope to find these 9 Unique Treasures (Planets) inside the 12 Zodiac Signs Manifesting Your Life in 12 Contexts.

This learning gives you the ability to make the right decisions. You can also choose appropriate Astrological Remedies to live with more happiness, love, health and growth.

Make your Horoscope with location of Your Current Residence. You will find it helpful in accurately relating your Life Events, during the Course.

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